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Sunday, March 28, 2010

In lieu of Messi or our Next Tevez - Agüero

If we like & rated Tevez highly, then we should also take on this Argie. He is the real thing!
I've been following Agüero eversince I watched him played at the 2007 U-20 FIFA WC. The tournament included Pato and Giovanni Santos. They were touted as the most promising youngsters. However IMO Aguero, Golden Boot, Golden Ball winner of the tounament, was the only 'man' among the 'boys' creating and scoring goals from unlikely places and situations.
Kun brings another dimension (updown, sideways, unlikely angles etc) to the scoring department rather than that of say Bellamy or Ade (up and down) or Tevez (top of the box etc).

He is easily worth the €40-50 million required to acquire him. He can easily brings 15-30 goals a season to City. He is young and durable compared to our Bellers or RSC. He is what is needed for a CL team playing on the continent . He is a 'scrapper' but with finesse in his finish, added scoring panache too.
What cogent reasons do I have to state? Or detract? Unless I have a parochial or vested interest!
We will never get Messi, Torres is a crock or la liga player wannabe. These are the reasons why we should try to capture him.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Delap's Throw-ins Part 2

There is a scientific basis in cleaning, drying (reduced weight of moisture, particulates etc), rubbing and warming up the ball. It will enhanced the trajectory and flight of the ball.
By using a 'towel' Delap does affect the ball. These are the esoteric tools of a thrower or a ball striker in most sports. Any slight advantage adds up. In Delap's case;
1. Delap's technical ability acquired through background as a javelin thrower.
2. Width of the field and 'towel' provisioning
3. Throwing is more pinpoint accurate than kicking, especially when target has prior experience with the thrower (who can identified opponents weak spots etc.)

So all these tiny advantages adds up eh?
My suggestion nice time either don't give him a towel or provide him with a wet or greasy towel.