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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To Counter Delap's Throw-ins.

This is my proposal to counter Delap's Javelin's throws
Lately our opponents have no fear of our counterattacks because of our scoreless and tentative toothless bite in our attacks. The strategy here is to dovetail it with our Rapid Counterattack Strike force which is briefly suggested in my previous post.
1. Interposed a City Player such as Ade between Delap at the touchline and our goalposts i.e in his LOS (line of sight). The important thing is Ade should force Delap to arc the ball ( not allowing him to 'spear' the ball) by jumping or anticipating his throw.
2. Our strategy here is to be proactive. Attack Delap's ball by heading or targetting it to either to one of our 2 players . One on both flanks (SWP & Ade) or in the middle if our 2 speedy flankers are covered tightly.
3. The whole notion here is to be proactive and by deploying our rapid strike force, our opponents will not be gungho in Delap's setpiece.

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