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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Attain CL Club Status - Part !

After 32 EPL games what must City do to attain CL club status for the forthcoming season. IMO we need to attain 71 pts. (1.87 pt. per match for CL status) for this season.
If we do that
A. Liverpool will not surpass us (max. points for them will be  70 pts.)
B. Spurs need (13 pts. out of max 18 pts.) to contend with Arsenal, Chelsea, @ United,Bolton, @City & @ Burnley.
C. Aston Villa (17 pts. out of max 18 pts.) will have to contend with Everton, @Pompey, @ Hull, Birmingham, @ City and Blackburn.
Can City get 12 points? IMO its realistic (6 X 1.87 ~ 12 pts). It will be easier if we defeat Spurs.
The main thrust of this post was a result of this;
I wasn't about to do a Quantitative Analysis (which I'll give more depth herein the future but since some de Jong stats submitted here and in the Bluemoon forum are not complete I believe it will be responsible for someone to do it. Hence these are the Facts;
A. Out of 32 EPL games, de Jong has 25 starts (subbed out in 5 games) we picked up 42 pts. - 11W 9D 5L.
B. The other 7 games he did not start (he was subbed in 4 of the matches) we picked up 17 pts. - 5W 2D 0L.
A. Out of the 5 games he was subbed out:
We were 0W 2D 3L before subs. and 0W 3D 2L after he came out
i.e. Plus 1 pt & 0 goal difference with de Jong subbed out.
B. Out of the 4 games he was subbed in , we were 4W 0D 0L before &
4W 0D 0L after however with a -1 goal difference
In summary, bearing in mind  we need 1.87 pt. per match for CL status,
A. With de Jong starting in 25 matches, we picked up 42 pts (instead of 46.05 pts for CL status i.e. short by 10%)
B. Without de Jong in starting lineup for 7 matches  we picked up 17 pts (instead of 13.08 pts for CL status i.e. exceed by 30%)

These are the few points (& goal difference) for us to reflect on. Right?

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