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Monday, March 7, 2011

Nani The Fainting Goat

Nani has a proclivity to keel over whenever he is challenged or tackled. Is he suffering from myotonia congenita? An affliction affecting especially this strain of Tennessee goats aka Tennessee kaki kayus (wooden legs). You see the goat's muscles tense up whenever the animal is startled or excited (ala Carragher?) and don't immediately relax resulting in a condition we called 'diving' in football parlance.

Nani may still not escape the hair dryer treatment from Fergie. Talking of goats Kuyt says 'Dank u wel' for his 2nd gifted goal by Nani who 'inadvertently' headed back to his keeper VDS who again 'gifted' his fellow countryman to complete his hattrick. IMHO VDS should also be the GOTD for being 'nutmeged' by  Suarez. He was heard shouting 'Niets te danken, geen dank' to Kuyt. If not the 'ingrate' Kuyt should.

Lest you followers of my blog complained about my insensitivy to Nani.

Remember Nani had the football nous to walk up to the Referee to clamour for a red card and do a 'fainting goat' (0:26 time frame) in front of him.Yes he had a deep shin gash as a result of Carragher's rake downc(1:05 time frame of video)

Go figger why Gerrard et al should stop creating more excitement for Nani. Nani the drama queen is a nanny goat for his whimpering and whining at the referee Dowd. Methinks he is afraid of the sight of his bloody white shinbone exposed by Carraghers cleats rake down. Its not a major injury. He won't neeed surgery (ala Ramsey by Shawcross, Ben Arfa by de Jong) or career ending (Haaland by Roy Keane). Nani needs TLC and all of us wish him a speedy recovery..

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Anonymous said...

Their most famous spat occurred on April 4, 1988 after a memorable 3-3 draw between Liverpool, which would go on to win its 17th league championship that season, and United, which at that stage had gone 21 years without winning the title.

In a characteristic outburst, Ferguson claimed that his team had been the victims of yet another injustice at the hands of match officials, going as far as to tell journalists that he and other managers "have to leave here (Anfield) choking on their own vomit, biting their tongue, afraid to tell the truth".

Dalglish, who was holding his new-born child while standing only yards away from Ferguson's outburst, retorted that people "would get more sense out of my six-week-old daughter Lauren", drawing the sting from Ferguson's comments and sending out a clear signal that he would not be anyone's patsy.

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