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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bellers - 'The Prodigal Son'

Most of the members at took umbrage when I suggest that Bellamy should not start.
Rest assured that I do not have a nationalistic agenda. I believe Bellers will be the key to winning tomorrow's battle. For he has superbia in proelia, a key trait that all City's squad players that is lacking should emulate. Previously I was concerned about him being an unhappy camper with the departure of Hughes his mentor. His 3i conundrum I referred to was his questionable allegiance or loyalty (i for Wales, i for Hughes, i of course for Bellamy). Of course I was also alluding to the fact that City is his 8th club.
Bellamy is renowned for his much criticised behaviour on and of the field. Hence my querying whether he will be lugging his 'club' baggage (3i-PW) if he was to leave City on a bad note with a 'putter in his hand'!
Most us us wants him to remain and retire at City so do I,  thats why I want to 'take the 'putter away from the nutter'. But ever since he came out openly in support of Mancini and City, Bellamy has been a virtuous Citizen.  The proof is in the pudding with his great performance on and of the field . Blimey, I must admit, 'tis been good thus far. Welcome 'home' Prodigal Son.

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