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Thursday, January 28, 2010

City's 'GOING TO BE THE BIGGEST and THE BEST in the world.'

(Post submitted by soccerinteg, a contributing poster here and in BBC forums)

What stunned City was United's EXPERIENCE. What I termed as ''OUTLIERS" (Malcolm Gladwell) which City lacks at the moment.To wit its proclivity to 'snatch victory at the dying minutes at OT'. Its means are questionable at times. However last night they totally deserved it. Here I reaffirm when Cook unequivocally states "This football club IS, without doubt, GOING TO BE THE BIGGEST and THE BEST in the world. I will make no excuses for saying it, as I truly believe it, with the resources and capabilities we have.".
Fergie, with this Derby, and every football pundit reinforced this notion by paying duly earned attention and admiration for City's new regime. Cook and itts management owners should be lauded for forging a winning masterplan. City is 'baciato dalla grazia" – "kissed by good fortune". The Top 4 and City's rivals are understandably envious. The lions' whiskers are being tweaked!
The loss is not a setback but another notch ('10k hours')  for experience!

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