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Monday, January 18, 2010

City's Worst Enemies or Media Dupes?

Have we ever consider whether we are duped by the jingoistic media with their agenda? Case in point City's defeat by Everton. Its easier to sernsationalize that Bellamy got fellaini or to knock Robinho as a lazy footballer ala Brazil. However not much credence has been given to the addition of Landon Donavon since his debut at Arsenal. IMO he bootstrapped an Everton team that lacked width and midfield cohesion. He is the key or missing link for Everton. Why am I not surprised that we lost to Everton.  Because I don't have a parochial tunnel vision? No! I have been tracking his career and tuning in to Major League Soccer. Donovan is the all-time leader in scoring and assists, and has the most caps of all active players in the United States national team. I predict he will be England's nemesis in the WC. US lost narrowly to the juggernaut Brazilian team at the recent 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup Final. BTW he led a US team on the way to defeat a TOP team in the semi-final.
The moral of the story is that as a fan we have to spearate the wheat  from the chaff.
(Submitted by soccerinteg)

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